Softwood Lumber


USA, Canada, Estonia, Lativa, Sweden, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia

NK Woods is associated with many reputed mills from all over Europe ( Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Germany Ukraine, Belarus, russia as well as USA, Canada and loading all type of softwood Lumber ( Redwood, Whitewood, Fir, etc ) for our buyers in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia etc.

Species Grade Sizes
Pine/Spruce SF/V/VI/VII 25/32/44/50/63/75mm. KD. , 19X100/125/150/175,25X125/150/175
32X125/150/175.50*50, and as per customer requirement.
SYP/ Fir Grade: Prime Grade #2,#3 ,Btr and Economy Grade Sizes: 38MM X 90MM / 145MM /195MM /235MMLength: 2.45m/3m/3.65/4.85m/5.45m
Beech Lumber GRADE: A/B Thickness: 25mm,38mm, 50 mm
Widths: 100, 110, 120 mm and wider to 250mm
Lengths:2.0 and up to 3.5m