Softwood Logs


Estonia, Germany, Belgium

NK Woods offers different species of softwood logs like SYP from UAS, Pine/ Spruce Logs from Estonia, Germany. Along with Poplar logs from Germany and Belgium

Species Specification
Pine / Spruce Logs Dia- 20cm+, 26cm+
length 5,8m +10cm
ABC grades, fresh
SYP Logs 20cm-24cm
Suriname Logs  Dia-30+, 40+,50+, 60+
Birch Logs, Aspen Logs, Alder Logs Grade -ABC / ABCD
Dia- 16cm and up
Length – 2,5 / 3,0 / 3,5m + 10cm
Beech Logs Quality:ABC grade, fresh cut Straight and round logs Diameter: 40cm & up, about 65% 50cm and up
Length- 3m & longer, 20cm free trim per log